The most accurated psychological explanation to this is... blah.
2002-07-20 09:40:19 ET

Well, I’m in Dallas now, I didn’t have the time to connect properly until now. I could say many things about being here, but I don’t feel very comfortable here to take the time enough to write it very well.

Anyway, I haven’t painted anything yet. I supposed to paint in a place they’re building now which will be called Sol Plaza, they have decided the image now, so I’m going to paint like two girls laying in the floor… quite interesting. Oh and I haven’t had really much fun here, I have to be going on places with these kids and ohh… so bored. I could say so much how I was missing this page, I need to watch some… -like driedupanddead used to say- Bondage, piercings and pain, yes I’m sick of being around family hood stuff, oh, and driedupanddead isn’t here anymore, she was deleted from here, I better start worrying about being gentle here if I don’t want to be deleted too, now with all this of the Copyrighted images that Syko and M0xie are checking out… I had to delete my avatar as well, I can only keep my drawings for now, I’ll see what can I get next for any other interesting avatar.

Oh, I have plenty much more to say but I need to get a shower …at daylight? I always take it at night with all lights off, yeh, all darkened ha, now… too much light huh, bad… well I need it. And Oh fuck shit, I forgot to carry my toothbrush; I’m such an idiot.

2002-07-20 10:56:37 ET

Is it really that bad with the copywritten things? Well why are you in Dallas exactly? I am going to be in Houston next week probably but I ususally have a lil fun there.

2002-07-20 11:01:09 ET

About the copyright thing, you can read either Sykospark or m0xie's journal.
About my Dallas stuff... check the previous entry to this... if you're interested.

Damn, I need to move my images so that damn Misfits kid shows off.

2002-07-20 11:03:33 ET

lol yeah that kid is kinda funny though. But thats cool Dallas can be fun if you know where to go I used to go there occasionally

2002-07-20 11:12:29 ET

I think its really awesome about your opportunity good luck. You are a very talented artist I very much admire your work

2002-07-20 11:15:47 ET

: )

2002-07-20 11:16:41 ET

no probs anytime!!! Only stating the truth.

2002-07-20 11:24:00 ET

Got rid of the silly Misfits guy, he he. Now I just I wish I had any pic of me so I could scare to everyone who looks at it.

2002-07-20 11:48:57 ET

Idiot, you are not. Anyway, make sure you take a picture of the painting when you're done so I can see.

2002-07-20 21:02:46 ET

I'll try to take borrowed a cam or something. It will suck anyway.

2002-07-21 09:59:57 ET

No it will not suck!!!grrrr! And you won't scare anyone you're hot c'mon you know it ;)

2002-07-21 13:07:26 ET

I doubt you will scare anyone.

2002-07-21 13:16:57 ET

Well, I'm not sure, I think I looked like the banner:

Only with black hair. Though now I have it larger, and was thinking in getting vut my hair now, maybe tomorrow.
Whatever, I'm junk.

2002-07-22 17:14:02 ET

Why cut your hair?

2002-07-22 17:21:24 ET

Cuz I don't feel too much comfortable... well at least in the back. I could have it larger from the top maybe.

2002-07-22 17:25:04 ET

Hair is great. heh .

2002-07-22 17:25:16 ET

well not really in some places anyway.

2002-07-23 06:03:32 ET

You know you are posting before and after photos of this hair cut

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