Language these days.
2005-07-30 17:48:10 ET

I found this in Lore Brand Comics:

It's true, acording to many philosophers one of the biggest problems with human kind is language and comunications since ages.

Other references now days:,,sid26_gci211776,00.html

2005-08-02 19:47:37 ET

spelling is important
but so is flow of conversation
if you stop to check
the conversation banter will have to be started agian
that alot of gas wasted stopping and starting like that

Opens Word
hey all correct :)

2005-08-03 20:30:14 ET

Hahahahaha, I admit I sometimes write in MS Word to correct some spellings and the post it here.
heh, yeah, I'm Ok with some new abreviations and a few slangs, as long as the message is still understandable.

2005-08-07 10:43:08 ET

this is so good hahaha

2005-08-07 15:26:13 ET

heheh.. yes, did you see the bob the angry flower's guide to apostrophe? hehe funny but true.

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