2005-09-19 19:48:54 ET

Today just really sucked ass... well, not really at first. It was the damn exam I had, I did so bad, really bad; and wasnít really that difficult, the main problem was not being able to take out a sheet with formulas (that I always prepare). For fuck sakes, when are they going to learn engineering is not about recording everything in your mind and memorizing formulas. Sigh, sometimes I donít care of it and still take out the sheet secretly, but today I just couldnít, the teacher was very observer on everyone. Well fuck... no, maybe itís really my fault. Iím a piece of shit not worth for this fucking world... pathetic, but true, Iím so pissed/depressed about this exam particularly... it shouldnít have been this way.

On other stuff: quite very slowly but going, Iím still trying to keep drawing something, anything at least every week, so yesterday I made drawing.

2005-09-19 20:02:04 ET

N. Milstein.... sounds familiar...

2005-09-19 20:06:51 ET

famous violinist within 40's and 60's.

2005-09-22 00:21:53 ET

awesome drawing... do keep it up..

2005-09-28 20:35:20 ET

i wish you wouldnt beat yourself up so much. it sucks about the exam but you'll memorize it eventually don't you think? that is a great drawing!

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