Another year in this life.
2005-10-14 19:43:51 ET

Damn, again, spent a lot of time without showing up around, just occasionally reading some journals, but I’m not so sure of what to comment.
Well, in school, I have been.... sometimes well, others, not so much... the only subject I enjoy ‘studying’ is Math V, in all the others I’m like “blah...”.

On Sunday, Oct 16th, I turn 21 years old, so tomorrow Saturday I’ll go with some friends to eat some tacos and get drunk.

I damn myself, I said I was trying to at least make a quick sketch or drawing every weel and I’m still such a procrastinator. Fuck, sometimes it the damn school shores what keep my busy, some other times, the violin.

2005-10-16 10:39:03 ET

so whats math 5? are you in calculus yet? (or have you passed that?)i love math! lol. i'm a dork, this i know.

2005-10-17 15:56:32 ET

Calculus was like Math 1 or 2
Math 3 was about Matrices
Math 4 was about Laplace transforms
Math 5 is about Fourier series and Fourier integrals.
Heh I love Math too!
Be my mathmate!

2005-10-17 19:30:26 ET

happy belated birthday!

2005-10-18 14:29:50 ET

oh hell. i've never even heard of fourier series or intervals. i doubt i'll go that high cause i'm prolly just gonna be a technician not an engineer cause if i did engineering i'd be in school 10 years at the rate i can handle but i will definitely be your mathmate and maybe you can help me as i go higher.

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