Head Over Heels
2002-07-22 08:54:20 ET

Things, things… I feel so weird, I could write many stuff but I don’t feel much comfortable because these kids are telling me that we’re all going out but then they don’t decide where, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to write too much or not, damn!

Well, yesterday night, I went with them –like 3 families together- bowling… go wonder… mmhh does it sound mean if I say… “I beat the kids”? And a day before went to another family’s home and they made me play “volleyball”!! I’m not a sporty person at all. I’m not fat neither skinny, nevertheless I’m not in very good shape as I used to at least 3 years ago I believe. Anyway, my hands hurt some for playing and some of my muscles too… You lazy ass Malkavian!

And they keep on playing Red Hot Chili Peppers every time we’re in the car… I don’t like them, I won’t emit any offensive comment because I don’t really ‘hate’ them, I just don’t like them. Oh!

What more, well as usual I’ve been feeling also too tired… or depressed… or sad… apathetic… I don’t know now how should I call it… so many, many thoughts in my head… I can’t seem to be happy at all, or make someone happy… but I mean someone I should care, not one of these kids, whatever, I hardly can concentrate typing with kids running and yelling around… repeating the word “retards” many times… aah!

Anyway, I don’t know what more should I write, I really find too hard concentrating here. In other places, quieter and in the night, I feel so philosopher. Not now.

2002-07-22 09:02:39 ET

even plato had his off day. get some rest, itll all clear up by around 11 p.m.

2002-07-22 09:11:11 ET

Oh yeah. That's the TIME!

2002-07-22 09:12:27 ET

hmmm, why, yes it is.

2002-07-22 16:21:21 ET

It happens to the best of us.....I forget I need to sleep too, so maybe I shouldn't dispense advice.

2002-07-23 22:23:06 ET

my advice for the day is to find a shopping cart and bash it according to your mood...the harder you bash the happier you may be...either that or imagine that you are the leader of the group responsible for the liberation of shopping carts everywhere...free them from our commercialism burden...they are slaves that must be freed....crap...where the hell am I?

2002-07-24 19:12:13 ET

What is this "sir" you speak of? Who is this guy? It sucks you have to also deal with his kids too. Oi. I suppose there's always SOME price to pay, eh?

2002-07-24 21:00:31 ET

Oh Madam TeRRoR. That Sir I refer to, I talked in previous entries, is someone who wanted me to paint something for him, for a building hi's getting remodeled, I'm staying at his home noe, with his family, they seem to be a very normal suburban Family... that's somehow hostil for me, that I'm used to ...dark stuff.

2002-07-25 03:09:03 ET

Sucks. Try to get along with them as best you can until you can find your own place. You may want to beat a few shopping carts and play numerous games of pool to abate the irriatation.

2002-07-25 07:28:36 ET

I played pool with them only once, and I sucked. So I've played pool only twice in my life, the first time I was drunk, conlussion: I suck.

2002-07-30 16:08:37 ET

Oh but kids can be so much fun. I was goofing around with this 12 year old kid who sings for a band (Slitheryn) and we were throwing around this bottle of soda hoping it would explode. Finally I grabbed it and said "Watch this!" and tossed it over this fence into an empty parking lot and that sucker went everywhere. And the kid goes "Wow, you're so cool!" LOL!!! Amateurs. ;)

2002-07-30 20:32:38 ET

I love to play pool...agh...but I am so bad

2002-07-31 02:56:43 ET

I played several times...each time I got my ass kicked. At least I stopped scratching at every shot.

2002-07-31 21:26:36 ET

I actually used to shoot the balls across the table so that they would fly off of the table and hit someone...or come close to it......this happened several times, especially when handsome gentlemen walked by...yeah very convienient

2002-08-01 03:08:46 ET

wait, that wasn't already one of the stipulated rules of the game anytime hot guys were in the pool hall?!

2002-08-01 09:13:38 ET

lol shit!

2002-08-02 02:57:08 ET

Oh well, it can be just taken as a given...kind of like the unspoken rule of monopoly where if you land on the free parking space you get the money in the center of the board.

2002-08-02 08:22:22 ET

very true

2002-08-10 20:14:24 ET

heh heh heh heh...

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