just again
2005-10-24 19:41:14 ET

I havenít been feeling mentally well since last Wednesday, that is, depressed, bored, apathetic, etc. I donít seem to be doing really well on school, for having only 5 classes I should be putting more attention or having better notes, or studying more, but no, I just donít seem to be very interested in that, Iím always careless about it and forgiving homeworks and such. The only class I feel interested is on Math V, but caring only for one and procrastinating the other 4 is not good. Iím mess.

About the weekend, we had some visitors in the orchestra, played some dull concerts and hang out some, for which the social interaction part is where Iím blacked out; I find really difficult to get along that easy with people who finds attractive eating in fancy malls... I need to be surrounded by ...uhm, filthier places and filthier personalities, and even if so, Iím a mess searching something to talk about.

I only hope the cold weathers come soon. I hate the sun. I need more clouds to dream on.

2005-10-25 06:20:24 ET

He lives!

Aww, I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling great, but I know how you feel! (I'm not just saying that, I do)

I hate the sun too.

2005-10-25 11:20:52 ET

math is your best friend but you should make friends with the others as well even if they arent as good of friends :) i have nothing to talk about on my page either! hA! thanks for the update.

2005-10-30 18:39:36 ET

I live... for math sake.

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