2005-11-13 18:55:17 ET

Yesterday I got really drunk, perhaps the drunkest Iíve felt. Itís the 4th time I vomit in my life. Itís the second time due to drunkenness. Fortunately no one saw me or knew I vomited; I threw up quietly and cautiously in the bathroom; I cleaned it very well, it looked cleaner than it previously was. Oh well, it certainly was a way to sink some shit Iíve had in my mind lately.

The semester is almost over, less than a month left, hopefully. Iím not doing well in some classes, when not? Tomorrow I have two exams, one of them Iím risky of flunking. Letís see how I do tomorrow. I wish everything ends soon. Fuck, Iím such a procrastinator.

2005-11-13 22:17:01 ET

Good luck man! I can't imagine that hangover...

2005-11-22 19:58:20 ET

Heh, it was so rare in me. My friends are used to get drunk more often than me. I don't drink much, but I had 4 weekends in a row drinking, that's a lot for me.

2005-11-22 21:43:38 ET

Yeah I hear that. Honestly, I've never puked because of alcohol, so I'm wondering if you had much of a hangover the next day?

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