Something of the such.
2005-11-22 19:56:37 ET

Again, procrastinating entries to this journal. I only can say Iíll try to update more often.
School has been a shit. Flunking and approving randomly. A lot of exams this week and a lot of papers and practices due a few days. Everything is so fucking annoying there.

With the violin, I finished the method was studying, and now the Ďteacherí wants me to study one of Bachís Partitas, more precisely the Prelude of the third Partita, which is painfully hard to me. Itís too difficult. What ever, Iím screwed everywhere. At least the good and exciting thing is that the Orchestra, I regularly go to watch, will be performing Bachís Brandenburg Concertos next Friday 25th. Iím drooling for it. I must be there even if itís the end of the world.

2005-11-24 08:38:37 ET

it just may be the end of the world..

2005-12-05 19:50:56 ET

Heh, nop, but anyway it was a great concert!

2005-12-11 19:59:46 ET

yay! I saw a really amazing violinist the other night. I felt like I was tripping on some sort of drug, he was so amazing.

2005-12-12 05:44:36 ET

haha, that's great.

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