Soooo stupid.
2006-01-07 22:00:41 ET

The thing on the dvd... I went to the shop I bought and told them my problem. They checked the dvd and tested it on their player and it did have sound. They didnít find anything strange about it. When I came back home I tried it again, then looked behind the dvd player and noticed that it had some audio cables wrongly connected, so I reconnected them and now the dvd worked so fine. I felt so stupid. So stupid. I was all pissed off last night thinking it was the disc and its was a misconnection on the player. Oh, fuck me.

2006-01-08 06:53:22 ET

Technology will drive anyone mad, I swear.

2006-01-10 00:35:40 ET

I really hate that feeling of stupidity.

2006-01-10 00:35:42 ET

I could do without it.

2006-01-10 08:46:08 ET

It's a bad feeling in deed.
My sister had been the last one that used the dvd player, that's why the cables weren't connected right. Stupid me though, I should have checked that first.

2006-01-10 18:43:10 ET

Oh yeah, always check it if it wasn't you who did it.

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