2006-03-08 18:32:37 ET

My monitor isnít ready yet (I send it on repair because it wasnít displaying well), but they gave another monitor while itís in repair. Though this one is smaller, and also has lower resolution (Iím using 800x600), but at least I can work with the computer now.

Damn, last night I was awake until 3:40 am because of doing homework... better said, answering an exam; I know it sounds weird but it was an exam. The professor was going to gave us the exams when he noticed that it might be too long to do it in one hour, so he told us to do it as homework. The subject is Digital Signals Processing, a.k.a Mathematics VI because is has to do everything with what we saw in math V, continuous and discontinuous functions in time, Fourier, etc. Anyway, a lot of my classmates wanted to gather an do the exam in group (so more heads would be thinking better, sharing results, etc) but alas to say, I think I work better alone with this stuff, hence I felt like I wasted some time rather than if I had started alone by myself from the beginning, thatís why I kept reviewing it by myself at home at night, and got to sleep until almost 4am.

I havenít been around sk.net lately; mainly because I donít know what to write about or even knowing what to comment on otherís pages, everybody seems to have a less boring life than me.

2006-03-08 18:34:09 ET

I don't know...mine's pretty boring too

:) Glad to see you back! Good luck with the monitor.

2006-03-16 19:34:54 ET


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