2006-03-16 19:34:37 ET

Bad. Yesterday I got my monitor back. It seemed ok for about two hours, then it started looking ugly again, then today it wouldn't turn on, so I went back to have it repaired. Just when I was getting excited of having the 1280x1024 resolution, I'm with the 800x600 borrowed monitor again.

Good. I bought a new RAM card, 512 Mb, the bad thing is that this one is 400 Hz, and my pc only accepted up to 333 Hz, and the one tha came with the computer is 256 Mb 266 Hz, so fro the new one it barely recognized 256 more (instead of the 512). So, due to the speed uncompatibility (Hz), my brother suggested me to trade this new one for his, wich is also 512 Mb but at 266 Hz, and I agreed. His card did fit well on my pc, so now I have in total 768 Mb of RAM at 266 Hz. Now I hope some programs don't take long to start up as before.

Bad. I had an exam today, it had many formulas and I'm no good at memorizing stuff, thus, as always I wrote them in a little sheet to use them discretely in the exam. I got caught. For second time in my hole life. It sucks. Thankfully the professor noticed that I only had written general formulas and not explicite exam results, so he gave me the chance to finish up the exam. Tomorrow he'll give us the results. I hope he has some consideration.

2006-03-16 21:46:31 ET

He has to go through allot of tests in one day I assume
I don't think he'll be prejudice by your cheating

2006-03-23 18:40:54 ET

hahaha, I got 100 (an A)
only 7 persosns passed the exam, I was one of the only three ones that got 100!
muah hahaha

2006-03-24 07:18:24 ET

my ball sax is flaking and red

2006-03-28 23:46:43 ET

those formulas are hard to remember, geez. they should allow you to write them down and look at them at least twice during an exam. that roks you got an A!

2006-03-30 14:47:43 ET


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