2006-03-28 18:54:22 ET

Last week I downloaded two videos of Violin Concertos; Sibelius’ one performed by Vengerov, and Beethoven’s by Mutter. I watched them and it was amazing. You do can find interesting stuff on bittorrent downloads.

I have to confess that Sponge Bob Squarepants does make me laugh sometimes.

I think it is still early to declare how I am doing at school, rather good or bad, I don’t know why I have a feeling that the next semester is going to by hard. Of course I still have about 5 months to find out.

Damn heat. I can tell Summer finally came. Sometimes I sweat some when even playing violin in my room. Yet, strangely 5 days ago there was doing some cold and the morning, but alas, it is normal now. Damn sun.

2006-03-28 22:07:00 ET

Spongebob is great for lightening up a day.

2006-03-28 23:43:58 ET

agreed, hate the sun and heat.

2006-03-30 15:02:26 ET

I remember when spongebob once used music of Pantera as background, hehe.

Damn heat... already 32°C/90°F hell....

2006-04-02 19:00:57 ET

who loves the sun? who cares if it is shining?

2006-04-02 19:01:58 ET

" " <--add those. oops.

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