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2006-04-16 22:06:05 ET

Quoted from James randi's page:
"You may be listening to the wrong TV preacher if...
  • He/she asks you to send money to the Lord, but then gives you their address.
  • He wears a suit that would embarrass Michael Jackson.
  • The people he heals in Houston bear a striking resemblance to the ones he healed in Los Angeles the week before.
  • He embraces a pile of letters and guarantees that God will answer each prayer.
  • He/she uses the all-time most patronizing statement – "If you’d had enough faith, your friend would have been healed."
  • His hair takes a can of hairspray per show.
  • He says that the Spirit hasn't led him to disclose his financial reports – just yet."

    Old Bugs Bunny's cartoon still amuses me. I'm thinking to start looking on the net to see where I can download them all.

    There's nothing more adorable and also contegiously laughable than watching babies laughing as well.

    That's all for now.

  • 2006-04-25 07:37:20 ET

    James Randi is so cool.

    2006-04-28 20:11:45 ET

    Babies usually stop laughing when I eat them. (I'm so wrong!)

    Hey Malk -- how are ya?!!

    2006-04-30 06:45:52 ET

    haven't seen you here ina logn time!

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