2006-05-25 17:03:55 ET

Apparently there is only 1 week more left to end classes in school, though, Iíll probably will still be there for a few more exams. I still have work thatís in group and itís due to next week; tomorrow weíll try to see what can we do.

Also, Iíve been thinking to get out of stone ages and finally buy a cell phone, because itís been hard to locate people lately. The reason of not having one was because since Iím not so social or had many friends that would wanted to locate me, but lately, for concertos or other stuff, itís been important having communication. Alas, I donít know anything of cell phones, Iím so futile.

On other news, I have decided to start drawing again. A few days ago I started drawing something but I havenít finished because of having many papers and works for school, but once Iím free of it, Iíll continue drawing more.

2006-05-25 19:41:00 ET

I haven't caved to the cell phone buying yet!

mainly because I'm not social and don't have many friends that would want to locate me :P

YAY for drawing! :)

2006-05-27 05:40:31 ET

exactly! that's been the reason that I havne't bought one yet. Since I'm neither very social, I wouldn't use it that much, but lately I've been having the 'need' of comunicating to people, like when traveling I need to know where other people are or they know where I am.

I'm still suffocated by school works, though I try to keep drawing in any chance I have, but when I'm really out of school I'll spend more time. I also need to say that... Damn! as well as with music, if you stop practicing, you also get worse at drawing... that's why I need to start again.

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