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2006-06-08 18:07:13 ET

I havenít updated here in ages, although I do log in and see some journals. I guess I donít have much to say.
Well letís see; Iím almost done with school, only two classes left, one of them the professor asked us when do we wanted the exam, on Thursday, Friday or Sunday. It ended with zero votes on Thursday, 9 votes on Friday and 11 on Saturday. Fuck! By only two votes! I wanted it on Friday! Why the fuck did they want an exam on Saturday at 7:00 a.m.? Insane bitches. Whatever, whatís done is done. Then another exam for the other class on Monday at 8am.

As for the violin, Iím studying some repertoire for the orchestra, from which the difficult pieces are: the first movement of Mendelssohnís 4th symphony, the ďItalian symphonyĒ, Khachaturianís Masquerade suite and Mozartís Marriage of Figaro Overture. They are quite difficult for me, and as much I practice there are some parts that keep me sweating.

I havenít gone to the movies in ages, and I have been thinking of going but Iím not sure what should I see; and I suppose Iíll end going alone. I wish I could have someone to hug.

2006-06-12 22:49:58 ET

I have no one to hug either.

Well, I have kittens and puppies.

*sends you kittens and puppies*


2006-06-14 06:08:05 ET

I already have a dog. want a kitten though! heheh thanks

2006-06-15 15:43:47 ET


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