someone punch me
2006-06-19 19:24:46 ET

I finally finished classes and exams and such from school, last week. I was lucky at passing a subject called Signals Digital Processing, in which I was very worry about, because I didnít do that well in some exams, but fortunately I did pass.
So, now projects in mind: start drawing again whenever I can, and study violin.

Lately I did draw the face of a friend, but I didnít like it that much how the drawing ended up. I still have problems to get the perfect perception of space, so her eyes looked funny. Then the other drawing Iím in now is the pretty face of member Terror., Iím almost done, perhaps from 3 to 4 sessions more.

On other news, I have concerts with the orchestra on next weekend (June 23rd and 24th), with some guests o other states playing with us. Then from July 2nd to 14th its my turn to go out with another orchestra and play with them, that one looks very promising.

On bad news: I got sick; I think itís a cold. Ironically, because the weatherís been hellish hot around 30įC/86įF and 40įC/104įF, thus I let the air on one night (and I always bath at nights, so I had my head a little wet) and next morning seemed a bit chilly and my throat felt dry, then today, Iíve had more of throat ache and annoying headache, almost as high temperature. It sucks to be sick. I need more kleenex!

2006-06-19 23:45:56 ET

Signals Digital Processing-ewww i dont like the sounds of this, sounds VERY hard. congrats on passing it. airborne, zinc and echinecha tea may help shorten the cold. lots of liquids(soup, oj etc.) hope you feel better soon.

2006-06-27 19:35:44 ET

heheh, Thanks, that tea sound even hard to pronunciate, but it's encouraging to hear words by the conforting glow of the moon.

2006-06-27 19:54:21 ET

:D! are you better now?

2006-06-28 20:14:42 ET

I am, thanks!

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