2006-08-13 22:03:07 ET

I start classes at school again in one web, and as usual I have been waking up around 11am and going to bed at 3am, so it’s going to cost me a lot of effort to be awake when school starts.
I’ve been chatting on msn with this funny girl, Pamela, a friend I met when I went out with the orchestra. She’s very friendly and seems to be very wacko also, she says she cuts near her wrists when she’s sad, I’ve told her not to do that of course, but I guess we’re all wackos after all.
Yesterday I got drunk as hell. I only drank beer though, but I was drinking from straight 11pm to 5:30am. I end up officially drunk, and to my all time wonderful luck, I forgot my keys, so I couldn’t enter the house; it was 6am and I was so tired that I gave a shit and just slept in the floor of the garage, ha. Just two hours later, at the break of dawn, I woke up, and finally my father opened the door, and I went to my room and went to sleep again. I woke up at 2:30pm, and naturally they lectured me some bullshit later.
Naturally, on hangover I was so depressed and sad; I really am such a fuck up.

2006-08-14 11:19:37 ET

says who? You do plenty of good things. You're just hungover.

2006-08-14 20:46:57 ET

Heh, yeh, I'm fine now. thanks

2006-08-16 00:41:56 ET

you slept on the garage floor? too funny. you must have been wasted to do that!

2006-08-20 10:05:58 ET

Yeah, when I get wasted, I normally feel the same way.

2006-08-28 20:13:18 ET

When I was drunk, sleeping in the floor seemed so natural, hehe.

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