heart attack
2006-08-28 20:11:12 ET

I wrote in previews posts that a few weeks ago, I traveled to another city with some people of the orchestra to play along with the other cityís orchestra, and it was a really nice experience. I mentioned that on the last days I met a girl there whom I became friends with and lately I had been chatting with her on msn and sending messages by cell phone. By the last days I have felt for her something more than friendship. I know itís my weakness for women again; that maybe Iím just wishing to dream more, but I canít help it, Iíve been thinking of her a lot. Pamela, sheís pretty, funny, sometimes rude in a cute way, I donít know, I shouldnít be falling for her but, what would you feel when someone calls you on the phone by long distance to say you hello? Iím suck a sucker.

Iím loosing my mind I should be worrying perhaps by other stuff in school, since Iím not a very good student, and Iím on my lasts semesters. Life would be a little neater with a batmobile.

2006-08-29 14:41:58 ET

sometimes you just can't help feeling for someone no matter how much you think you shouldn't.

2006-09-02 20:35:42 ET

yeah... I just couldn't help it. I am trying though to force myself to accept that she might not be interested in that same way in me.

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