feeling a bit better
2006-10-01 19:17:00 ET

Iím better now. I have recovered some strength, not completely but some.
She started sending me some messages by cellphone again and talked to her on the msn a couple of times, though I torture myself to have in mind that sheíll be only a friend and nothing more. Alas, she then speaks to me of her problem unknowingly similar to me, but on her crush with jimmy, my friend. This situation is what sometimes depresses me sometimes again. That she thinks a lot of him, but isnít sure if he thinks the same for her, so she depresses, and Iím in the shadow thinking Ďoh crap, what a misery for usí.
The scar on my arm is starting to fade now. I got drunk yesterday to help me forget this shit. Not to forget her, but to forget the feelings. Iím not sure if it worked, I need yet more alcohol for the next time.
I need to remember that Iím not in the beautiful people society. I donít belong to them. Iím definitely on a subculture more of a state of mind than sociably.

2006-10-02 07:49:52 ET

Yea, but you have to remember that the 'beautiful' people are wicked and cruel. If you have to attain standards to be like them, they aren't going to last.

2006-10-12 18:42:09 ET

hehh.. nah, I'm just stating that I'll always end ugly.

2006-10-16 08:53:49 ET

but that's not true. don't forget, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'

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