2006-10-16 20:15:47 ET

Today is my birthday... well... itís actually a few minutes past midnight, so I could say it was yesterday. Iím 22. It was petty much a normal day. A few friends from school are planning to get drunk next weekend because of me, heh. Thatís cool.
I donít know what else to say... mmh... today I also had an exam in which I forgot to do one simple calculation that leaded me to mistake all the other results, thus I did bad on it. So... nothing new in school: Iím still a bad student.
Practiced violin, watched the TV, listened to some music... pretty much a simple day.
For some past times of depression Iíve fantasized that whenever Iím about to turn one year older, on my birthday, I suddenly wake up having 13 years old again... so I could repair a lot of errors in my life. Hah... sounds clichť... whatever.
Often I wake up feeling like if I had mud on my veins.

2006-10-16 20:18:29 ET



2006-10-17 07:33:35 ET

happy bday malk ^^

past mistakes can be trying, but don't forget, they're in the past. you are who you make yourself.

2006-10-17 18:01:08 ET

Happy (late) Birthday!

2006-10-29 19:38:50 ET

Thanks all!

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