making origami swans is amusing
2006-10-29 19:41:25 ET

Well, actually, I do have some stuff to write about.. but I'm sort of tired right now. I will post somthing for tomorrow, or soon.
For now I can say... prison break!

2006-11-03 17:02:01 ET

I was just looking at your journal for the first time I think and I was just wow'ed by your artwork, so I had to tell you. The way you draw faces is so beautiful. I really like each picture.

In some way, it reminds me of what I draw, except my drawings always come out very cartoon-like, even when I don't intend them that way. But yours are more refined and proportional, and just generally better. In a way they kinda inspire me.


2006-12-19 20:02:39 ET

thank you very much for your comments... heh, and I often get frustrated because I don't thik I drew them with the correct proportion I wanted.. thanks

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