2007-01-04 09:35:38 ET

yeah yeah, whatever.

2007-01-04 09:52:20 ET

sometimes you believe it more when it's in your skin.
i force myself to stay to tattoos now a days... but I still think about it. but not everyday anymore. who says addictions are just from sources outside the body? mine is inside.
just remember to keep it clean, cause I don't think lockjaw would be much fun.
i wish i could say something that would help.

2007-01-05 06:09:57 ET


2007-01-05 20:45:21 ET

I really should better get a tattoo instead... I just never make up my mind on deciding what should I get on. Meanwhile, the scar looks kind of cute.
Thanks both.

2007-01-06 11:42:01 ET

you sould get a tattoo of a violin and bow. that'd be awsome

2007-01-11 22:34:32 ET

ah, i should show you my scars sometime

lovely though

2007-01-17 10:32:44 ET

Samita: I AM craving for a violin tattoo! I'll wait a least a month, just until I'm done with some papers of school, and I promise you a tattoo.

Bloody: heh, sounds fun, let's make a gallery.

2007-01-17 10:39:24 ET

oh, sounds like a plan

2007-01-17 12:03:30 ET

woo! ^^ tattoos are the best. i always feel so light after i get one.

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