2007-01-17 10:31:08 ET

The new episodes of Prison Break are coming next Monday, thatís cool.

Last night, before going to sleep, I was watching some pictures of Pamela again, and felt a little nostalgia, then today I woke up dreaming of her, like if we were in the same orchestra or something, it was nice, but just a dream.

Today, also, my father asked me to do the number plates change for the car, so I went at midday, paid and all, I struggled a little when changing the plates because of on single screw but managed to do it well, Then I just went straight home and got detained by a cop, apparently because of speeding in a school zone. Fuck. I didnít feel I was that fast, there neither were pedestrians or anything, damn him.

This semester Iíll have now only two subjects, and professional practices thing, like working in a company or something. I havenít decided were to go yet. I should know by the next two weeks. Iím a mess.

2007-01-17 12:04:50 ET

everyone is a mess. It's just learning to make it look neat is all.

2007-02-11 17:25:05 ET

hehe... a shiny mess, so it'd look clean..

2007-02-12 05:56:51 ET

exactly ;-)

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