2007-03-13 19:26:14 ET

I had a grill last Friday at my home with some friends from school; it was nice, we ended drunk until 4:30 am. The I also had to take two friends to their homes and one of them invited me another beers so I returned home at 6 am. I woke up at 3 pm with a lovely hangover and missed the rehearsals I always have on Saturday. No big deal, since we have rehearsal Sundays too.

I phoned I friend who lives in Canada just to say hello, last Thursday, because it was International Womenís Day, heheh I also send text messages by cellphone to some friends by the same reason. I forgot to post here and say hello to all kind ladies here. Iím sorry I get distracted.

I love playing my violin, and sometimes I wish I had another life to develop it more and enjoy it in a different level... but alas, Iím almost in my way out to become an engineer.

2007-03-13 20:46:40 ET

Dang, does practicing on the weekends not over stress you?

I know my homework really starts to drain on me.

2007-03-15 20:54:51 ET

I've never fully understand when I'm stressed or not... I admit practicing, sometimes, gives me backaches... I as painful it is, I love playing.

2007-03-15 21:02:46 ET

Yeah, that might be the diff. How long have you been playing?

Honestly, I used to feel that way about doing math problems but through the years I've just become tired and irritated with it...hmmm

I hope that never happens to you ;)

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