2007-04-22 17:24:44 ET

It had been long since I didn't post a thing here, and actually, I don't know much what to say.
I did another arrangement of a nursery-rhyme-kind-of song for symphonic orchestra... the director just told me to do a simple arrangement, basically to fill the piano voices with the other instruments.. but as usual I ended up making variations and adding more harmony :P whatever... I hope he doesn't complain that much.

uhm.. what else... school... boring as usual... only one semester left.. hopefully... I barely know anything about electronics... I might go live under a brige... heheh

2007-04-23 02:28:30 ET

I don't think I'd live under a bridge... maybe in the forest.

2007-05-31 19:34:36 ET

hehe... it's just that I sometimes like gloomy bridges...

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