2007-06-17 19:20:25 ET

Last Friday I while I was walking downtown, 3 schoolgirls approached to me to ask me some coins, I was in a good mood so I gave them a few. One of them said to me I had pretty eyes. I know she just meant to thank me for the coins, yet it felt strange getting a comment like that, for a person like me.
Also that day at night I went to see a concert of the Beethovenís Violin Concerto, which totally rocked the hell out! Itís one of my favorite concertos and hearing it live was awesome.

On Saturday had a burger for lunch, at evening played out in a square with the chamber orchestra, then went with some friends to hung out in a bar which was kind of fun. I girl in there we all agreed she had the most exquisite laugher ever. No one could get tired of listening her laughing, so we were trying to tell her jokes. I friend of mine had a crush on her, but Iím not sure if at the end she said no to him.

School is over, but Iím still on professional practices. I might graduate until August.
I canít keep of my head the Take Five melody, itís such a cool music piece.
I like bloody slim scars... looks psycho-elegant.

2007-06-18 06:38:06 ET

I love the image of you playing music in a square. :) I used to love to see musicians on South St in Philly before the yuppies and the big box stores moved in and chased them away.

2007-06-18 13:55:45 ET

yeah, some street musicians are great.

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