2007-08-27 22:29:41 ET

The trip and concert in mexico city was great; definitely another amazing musical experience.

Apart from that, the new issue that's been on my mind lately.... again, heart feelings... I met a girl, Claudia, less tha 2 months ago, but until a few weeks ago I've been chatting more with her, and I'm really liking her... I haven't fall for her... yet... but I don't know where this is going. There's a quote that says "Love is not what we want to feel, but what we feel whithout wanting it"... and alas that's been my curse manytimes... so I'm hoping I still just "really like" her.. but not try to fall... like the last time... or more blood will be spilt.

Woe betides me... again, she's not even from me own city. No wonder I always end up sheltering in drunknes and sorrows... damn. I wish I was stronger, or.. at least change my skyline.

2007-08-29 00:18:06 ET

I miss you. I remember when we used to reply to each others journals all the time. Boo. :( Technically, I have known you for over five years now!

2007-08-29 20:04:21 ET

hey.. that's true!
you're from the few buddies in SK that still remains here. We should talk more often, comrade.

2007-08-30 06:44:40 ET


2007-08-30 09:41:07 ET

:), agreed

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