far from everything
2008-03-19 17:00:34 ET

It's been a while... too much indeed. Many things have happened.
In last journal entry a barely wrote about I wrecked the car.
The inloved and beloved girl dumped me.
I got really drunk two times I didn't remember very well how I eneded and things i did.
I'm a more calmed now days. If I haven't mentioned I work in LG Electronics, in a Plasma TV plant.
Im looking for a place to rent by myself, because sometimes it's too small the place where I live (with 3 roomates).
Anyways, I don't what else to say, may later will come up with something.

2008-03-19 17:50:58 ET

i'm sorry about the wrecked car.
relationships suck from time to time. i can relate.
i've been drinking more lately, some brain cells just need to die from time to time.
calm is something i have yet to acquire.
congrats on the cool job.
roomates, although fun, can be taxing.

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