loud & soft
2010-03-22 18:58:21 ET

Last week... Thursday I went to see OTEP!!!

The next day I had such a neck & back sore... so much headbanging and jumping and slam!
It rocked!

Three days later it was my turn to be on stage... though my play was of Vivaldi's Spring.

I know, two extremely radical kind of music, but I'm a wacko anyways.

2010-03-23 06:13:57 ET

Why does that make you a wacko? There's something to be said for eclectic taste.

2010-04-07 20:07:18 ET

I know.. I guess I don't know many people who like the same way I do.

2010-04-08 02:11:45 ET

Never a bad thing.

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