Deftones at Las Palmas Race Park, Mission tx, Apr 30th 2010
2010-05-05 17:36:12 ET

I got so early in the morning, like 5:30am, took a shower, checked that I had everything I needed, money, tickets, a skeleton t-shirt. I got out of the house at 6:10, and arrive to work early at 6:30, I think I was the first to arrive (we enter at 7:00), I started doing boring stuff like... mmh work.

Finally 4:30pm, I called Mayela and Omar to get the hell out of here and jump into my car to go see Deftones. They came with me, started to go on the road and stopped in a gas station to buy something to calm down the hunger.. biscuit and a 12pack of bud light haha.

It was already 6:30pm now and we finally arrived to the parking lot of Las Palmas Race park, lots of people started coming in. We parked and played more Deftones music on the car quite loud and drank the 12pack by the 3 of us. It was 7:00pm now and the line was starting to grow more, so we took our last beer and got into the line to entrance.

Thus 7:30pm we saw Kike far away in the line and yelled to him to go within us, so he run and came along with us. Omar and I checked for bracelets and bought 2 cups of beer. We took pictures from all 4 of us, then a small guest band started playing some good noise, I didn't knew who they were, but I'll look up later. Ivan got there too finally and joined us.

We drank more beer, and finally around 9:30 the Deftones word was being heard all around with energy, and then they showed up! They started with Diamond Eyes and more of the new album. We all were jumping around very excited and yelling lyrics when they played classics like My Own Summer, Change, Back to school... they played from all albums, from Adrenaline to the new one! the total orgasmic energy of excitement was with the last song 7 words, which I recorded video of them, I was all crazy enjoying that song! it was one of the first I ever heard from them since before high school, I loved it. Chino sang very well, he never let down the audience, Abe, Frank, Stephen and Sergio by Chi were all good also! They never sounded boring, all the energy was there right there in all the music. They played a little more than an hour.

7 words was the last song and people started to applause and go away. Ivan and I run to buy some t-shirts of the night owl cover of Diamond Eyes. Omar and Mayela came with us and started talking our own experiences because we got lost within the crowd when Deftones started playing. We waited until more crowd were leaving the parking lot to let us go out too, and finally went home all madly enjoyed from such a good concert.

Next day in the morning I noticed some bruises, muscle sores and hoarse voice because of all the loud singing:

2010-05-05 17:46:15 ET

Sounds like an amazing time! Ive only ever seen the Deftones live once & it was when White Pony was out.

You do realize Chi is still in the hospital in a coma?

2010-05-05 17:47:21 ET


2010-05-05 18:05:31 ET

Yes, we were all voicing out "one love for chi"!

2010-05-05 18:10:55 ET


Jealous isnt even the start, Courtney

2010-05-17 19:07:24 ET

I just created an account in YouTube!
My first video ever!
I recorded myself.. haha, so it looks all messy but it captivates all the emotion! It was the last song they were playing: 7 words.

2010-05-17 19:50:45 ET

wow. chino sounds goooood.

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