2010-06-07 19:37:13 ET

Hell of a hot weather this weekend.

It's sad that people here are getting used to shootings between drug dealers and army men almost every week.

I work now on Sundays. Saturdays free, the only bad thing of it, is that now Sundays I go to work with hung overs..

Rehearsal was canceled. I got to buy a new music stand and a nifty tuner clip that may show off next Saturday haha.

Also, I bought 40X Salvia. I never had bought it alone.. Now a need a pipe, but I guess it's as hard to decide for one as for women to buy shoes.

Today I could take out of my head some Mozart's music. I'll have to play more until I get bored of it.

This house is nice, but I really need to move out to a more centric place, I'm in the middle of no-where. By the end of month I'll move with a Jeep/wrangler-maniac pink floyd fan and a guy who sometimes is a good rocker guy and others is as tame as a puppy.

2010-06-07 20:05:25 ET

Sounds like a good balance of roommates, at least

2010-06-19 09:27:57 ET

Wow, getting used to shooting between the two. How is that working out for you?

2010-06-22 19:52:15 ET

This coming weekend I'll move in with them.

Yeah, One year ago I admit I was a little admired (if not scared) about this stuff, but now days everyone is like
"hey, did you hear a shooting last night? nah, I was outside with some folks but everything cool in this neighbor"
"Oh I did hear some shootings next to my neighbor. Huh, in deed that's why I saw a lot of soldiers last night on that neighbor."
"Hey I might get late to the party because I heard some mafia is blocking some streets."
"You guys, don't go any near that boulevard, my friend just told me there was a shooting. Hey look there a bunch of soldiers again"

You here this stuff almost every two weeks.. if not twice a week.

2010-06-24 20:03:35 ET

heh, that sounds pretty shitty.

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