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2010-10-11 16:43:08 ET

Today's lesson learned:

Two youngster white sharks are swimming in the deep sea when they find a lone shipwrecked person floating in the sea over some wooden planks.
One shark says to the other:
-Hey, lets go get him!
Then their dad white shark stops them:
-No! guys wait, there's a procedure for that. Don't show up to the surface of water yet, first you need to approach from far away and only let out the tip of your fins, and let him barely see you.

Both young white sharks looked each other in wonder.
-Ann then what?
-Then when you're close enough start going in circles around him with your full fins out of the surface, he must be terrified!

The young white sharks still confused:
-yeah? and then?
-Now get closer and start shaking the water with your tail, take out your head once in a while and let him see your sharp teeth!
-uhm... but why's all that about making him so terrified? why don't we just go straight up and eat him?
-Well my sons, if one thing I've learned is that People taste better when they're not full of crap.

2010-10-12 04:44:59 ET

Hahahah. Nice.

2010-11-17 20:09:44 ET

Yes.. I heard it on the radio. true lesson in deed. haha

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