feeling not alive
2002-04-20 18:18:31 ET

I've finished a draw 2 days ago, I posted on my second gallery if anyone would like to see it, you'll discover that I don't draw very well but anyway I enjoy it.

Yesterday I was feeling really really really bad... I didn't to move even a finger, I didn't care of anything; I'm too lazy to plan somthing to kill myself but I wouldn't mind if someone points me with a gun. If you're tired of hearing this depressed bullshit quit reading, I'm just trying to spend time on internet doing this, while downloading some mp3s.

I used to have a pearcing on my left eyebrow, but it really didn't look good on my, I remove it of, I looked too big, this seems to say that my face isn't to compatible for pearcings, I wish I would.

2002-04-20 18:26:34 ET

wow, i like your sketches...

2002-04-21 07:52:49 ET

Thank you for commenting on my page. I agree...I was only seeing one main 'group' here and I was starting to feel very isolated from this place. I don't visit here often to be honest. But, when I logged in today, I saw your message. Nice to meet another math lover. My friends keep asking me what I am going to do with a bachelors degree of science in math. I have no plans for it. I just want to keep learning math.

2002-04-21 18:52:09 ET

Wow...I love your sketches...I am an artist as well...you have a great technique.

2003-07-08 22:05:43 ET

wow, i didn't know you had your left eyebrow pierced. (heh i am reading an old post, yes i am)

2003-07-09 14:03:55 ET

yup, I was thinking of it again.

2003-07-09 16:16:44 ET

i have mine, twice, but i think i told you that.

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