Sade, sadistic or sad.
2002-08-15 22:42:57 ET

What can I say? This internet connection is killing me!!! Mutherfucker! Work! Goddamn shit! I donít know why sometimes just suddenly stops working for minutes, then it starts working again, fuck it! Even sometimes it seems like if it was connected but it isnít running and suddenly the phone rings, what the fuck? The computer says Iím still connected by modem but the phone is ringing which means itís no longer connected. Fuck this whole shit! ...ok, ok, calm down... mmh.

So, today (well, yesterday, to be precise [because it is already Friday now]) I went to an exposition of art; a gallery of several artistsí works that were dedicated to Marques de Sade, that writer. So the works shown there were mostly based in erotic, sadistic, fear, sad feelings and such, nevertheless not many were as you think, most of them were know... some few ones very abstract, another ones very... creative? Well, two drawings (yes, drawings, not painting like the others) were from an artist called Gerardo Beuchot. His drawings were about two ladies naked, one ďinsideĒ a plant with spikes (not a cactus, the other thing, I forgot the name), and the other one had that same plant between her legs, but more than that, what I liked the most was the way he added the shadows and lights, and the fidelity of reality in the picture (not like the others that are so ďmodern artĒ that everything is abstract now), I mean, thatís exactly the thing I liked to see, I loved it, I stared at it for several minutes more than the others. And of course, as I always complain about events such these, itís again that many of the people were a whole bunch of preppy assholes and snobs so fucking irritating, ah fuck! Wearing their conceited clothes and shit! Fuck them! I really could type too much about it, but... Iím kind of tired now, ho well.

And for the other side, I was thinking about how is it that so many times I want to write some stuff here but I always forgot it, and it is when I go to sleep that I recall the amount of ideas, sorrows and/or laments... for this is (in part) that I joined, but is mostly when I go to bed when I start creating ideas and ideas to describe, ...when I most need a hug, when longings of falling in love recall, when I squeeze my pillow, when I feel many other feelings, when itís dark.

2002-08-16 17:44:08 ET

yeah i hate the internet connection too. :( i didnt really know that preps and the snobs went to art expositions. the preps and snobs here are just into partys and clubs.

2002-08-17 14:44:02 ET

You know it angers me someone as sweet, artsitic, and completely perfect as you should even have to feel a shred of pain. Forget those preppy morons. You are way above them and most people in general in my eyes.

2002-08-17 20:07:00 ET

Pixie: Those snobs... while they have money they can look however they want, and then go and do whatever they want, fuck them.

Venus: Thanks, I just wich I could do or better yet feel something to say it was true.

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