Under the mind.
2002-08-18 21:30:14 ET

Today, I went again to listen the quartet Amadeus playing at the museum, it was nice. I recognized two of the melodies they played, one was the ďDivertimento No. 1Ē of Mozart and ďAirĒ of Bach, I liked them. Then I came back home, ate and slept. When I woke up I started to paint more while listening a cd. Then watched some tv, had dinner, more tv and logged in to internet, so here Iím posting this.

Soon there will be a concert that is supposed to be more elegance than the others because they are now offering a concert with a very famous violinist named Stefan Milenkovic, playing a ďStradivariusĒ of 1712 (an old violin), ...so I guess the entrance cost will be much higher than the others and Iím not sure if Iíll be able to go. Weíll see.

I was remembering how I once was bored and started drawing a bunch of circles, squares and curved lines all around and then, over it I decided to draw something more focused and I donít know how I ended up by drawing this:

A girl, I didnít know why I draw her, she doesnít look like anyone I know, though I liked the face I drew and kept it. Iím not sure why I did it, if that was something a bit of my subconscious mind... if it was something I desired so much to see... I donít know, whatever.

By the mean time, Iíll keep drawing, painting, playing, learning, ...whatever.

2002-08-20 07:15:00 ET

Cool drawing. The mix of doodling and realism is energizing....

2002-08-20 10:39:35 ET

i like all of your art, it's real kool, maybe i'll put some of mine up sometime

2002-08-20 19:57:22 ET

Thanks! Doodling and realism is in deed energizing.

2002-08-21 22:12:14 ET

OMG! I love it, can i have it?? i wish i could draw.hehe

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