Bloody clouds.
2002-08-21 19:37:02 ET

Well, well, yesterday I cut myself when shaving... uhm, I think I was distracted thinking... just thinking, about anything, that I forgot what I was doing then I felt that I had near my upper lip, blood didnít stop coming out, so I was there with a paper on my face until it healed. I had endured about one year without cutting myself. That was yesterday, I think it already healed most of it by now, whatever.

Today I was very entertained using a program I downloaded a few days ago, it is about creating/writing music. I was trying to guess the notes of a very simple melody I have in mp3 but I spent almost all the evening trying of it I Iím not sure if I did it right, ...mother of shit! Either itís really hard or I suck so much ass, blah.

Due to the above I didnít have much time to draw something, because lately Iíve been trying to draw a girl playing a violin so I can put it on my method book as the cover and say it was inspired by my teacher :ř but I havenít come to get what I want, Iíll keep practicing until I get satisfied by the result... if I canít get to sleep maybe I could keep trying drawing it at night... which reminds me, yesterday I tried to sleep in my closet to feel what itís like, and it was being nice but I could sleep, not because it was uncomfortable but because it was too hot, and I canít sleep when itís too hot, I mean, if it had air conditioned inside the closet I might sleep well, thus I could even sleep in a coffin, ha! But no, I had to go back to bed to sleep a bit cooler... mhh, maybe in winter... uhm, another thing is that I mostly need a pillow to feel comfy or else, I kind of feel empty... I... I would like to sleep in the clouds.

2002-08-21 19:43:28 ET

i slept in my closet once when i was in 5th grade. it was weird and i made a mess. hm. just a random memory.

2002-08-21 21:08:41 ET

My closet is too small even for my STUFF :S

Hey Malk, what DO you do for a living anyway? Are you Spanish?

2002-08-22 16:43:49 ET

Pillows solve everything... they really do, especially those full length body pillows that you can cuddle up with and such.

2002-08-23 15:23:50 ET

i sleep in my closet all the time.. but never with out a pillow and after i search thourly for spiders and such :S scarey

2002-08-24 23:24:05 ET

Cuddling pillows! Aaah... *sighs*

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