I found some music sheets...
2002-09-02 20:35:10 ET

---I found this amusing (you have to wait a few seconds after hitting the ďstartĒ button)---

Last Saturday I didnít get to have my favorite teacher, she was with other students :( so I got another teacher, mmh... she isnít as good as the gothie, too bad, well I hope next Saturday I get again her to teach me, because she very good instructor. Oh, and I forgot to mention that another student got in and finally is someone else that isnít a child, heís another grown up, seems like 20 something years old, whatever, what should I care? Another thing is that Iím not sure but I think there are more Korean kids now! Yes, at first I only recognized 2 teenagers and 2 kids, now they seem to be like another 3 kids! Whatís up to this? There are probably like 2 or 3 families together, and why Koreans? Mmh... well the teenagers do behave polite, the younger children are the ones that are screaming and playing all around.

On a lighter side, I found another way to get the sheet music Iíve been looking so hard... in some certain way. Ok, the thing is that I was so desperate to find Danny Elfmanís music score from movies Batman, Edward Scissorhands, and Batman Returns, but I couldnít find more than classical/chamber music sheet in pdf format from composers such like Mozart, Hydn, Beethoven, et al, which was also good, I did download some few I liked to practice but still I could find the ones I mentioned above, they were only for sale. So, I remembered that I was using a program to write/compose music called ďEncoreĒ in which I could open midi files and then watch its score, and I had a few midis so I tried and effectively I could now view the music score of simple midi tunes [Iím not very sure if it was the latest version of the program or if there are many others better than this one, I just found it in Kazaa; if anyone knows of a better program please let me know]. Since that I went searching like dement through the internet for Midi Soundtracks that I supposed people should have the most popular tunes, and thankfully I did get some movie and tv themes I like, then more than listen to them I tried to ďwatchĒ them with this program and it worked!!! So now I can see the score of them, edit them (rearranging the single staves I like), print them, etc. This means that I should be smashing my face against the wall of happiness... but Iím not like that, I mean Iím happy for it, even though not enough yet... I did get Batman and Edward Scissorhands themes but... I wanted the whole albums (the soundtracks, not only the main themes) because there are still some tracks that I liked and are one in the main themes, and this problem would be even harder to solve. Whatever, I think Iím asking for too much now, for the meantime I think I just should practice, edit, and print them as for my very little joy I might have :|

Today I decided to paint some more of the painting Iím on right now, it feels good, I was thinking in paint again later night or watch a movie, yes, watch a movie because I almost ever see one... people always talk me about movies and I just donít know what to say, Iím always the-last-to-know, I also would like to read some, yes, also have very little culture of reading, and Iíd like to know and learn more, but I have a very big problem about concentrating in lecture [...I guess I should describe this problem in another occasion...], thus, itís the movie or painting... mmh.. why not both? Sleeping late? Oh yeah, fuck everything.

2002-09-04 19:25:18 ET

Midis composed well rock. I love remixes of video game music from rpgs I played on the SNES. The midis played at church are meant to complement the praise singers but the person composing the midis gets overly grand so the midi goes on 30 seconds after the congregation has finished the hymn.

You're not missing a whole lot by missing movies. I have a killer memory so whenever someone or a review mentions something special about a movie I remember it and infer that in a later conversation. It is a cheat. It seems like I did see the movie even though I had not.

There is a method for people who cannot pay attention well in lectures. You draw a line down the middle of the paper. On the left side you leave notes. On the right side you leave what you think about the notes. Just whatever comes to mind. Linking note stuff from lectures to emotions has worked well for me.

If you are interested in reading then I have a list of good fiction that you can peruse.

2002-09-04 21:14:07 ET

Midis, now I just to edit them to print them and try practice in my violin.

Oh I saw a movie, now. A Clockwork Orange. Such a beau movie!

Heheh, even when I was reading these paragraphs I was having problem to concentrate, not kidding! I'm either a retard on lecture or I get distract by every single thing.

Not so sure about fiction by the moment; I was thinking something more a bit of drama, ...or science's philosophy :Ģ

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