So, am I really a goth?
2002-04-27 10:36:02 ET

A took a test and my result was I'm a "RomantyGoth" there:
Take The Goth Type Test

2002-04-27 12:47:20 ET

your drawing are fucking good! damn you, ms. talented fart

2002-04-27 20:17:25 ET

Yeah...I was the RomantyGoth too. Funny, I don't even consider myself goth at all. I jut like black.

2002-04-29 07:11:43 ET

haha....I'm a fetishgoth.

2002-04-29 13:41:20 ET

said me is a RenFaireGoth.......

2002-04-29 15:22:27 ET

eeghh, they said i was a cybergoth. /:(

2002-04-30 03:32:25 ET

they have no punk/goth....why...oh well

2002-04-30 16:21:05 ET

Mopeygoth..Come on wtf is that..Im not goth anything...that test can be damned

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