Somebody smack me.
2002-09-04 21:29:08 ET

I was in deed planning to write some stuff, but Iím thinking in staying too much right now; so this is what I got to say.

1. This is just wovwy! isnít it?: A Corny Concerto. (check this out!)
Got it from here.
I LOVE those! I'm planning on downloading the most I can.

2. Just a while ago I was painting again. Itís almost done. Maybe Iíll finish it in a week or so. If I am still not sleepy enough maybe Iíll keep painting in a while.

3. I dreamed again with little Cynthia (see past entries)... I think that and a movie I saw are going to be my post for tomorrow...

Ok, thatís all for now. I think Iíll go to sleep.

2002-09-05 05:25:14 ET

good night and sweet dreams

2002-09-05 20:34:57 ET

Sweet, I like sweet.
Dreams... and sweet! ^_^

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