I still feel worried.
2002-09-11 21:59:31 ET

Things, stuff, subjects, whatever....

Ok, so due to the last entry Iíve been so... uhm... distracted, you know, thinking, daydreaming, imaginating.... itís just that this is something I wouldnít expect. The first happening was about 3 months ago, and I thoug it was the end of it, but she replied, so what else could I do? I had to reply as well. I donít want to talk about that for too much for now because Iím not sure whatís going to happen; a quick resume will be: She replied since then, I replied back saying I liked watching her, she a few days ago wrote back that she was admired for what I said, just a day ago I wrote back as well asking if she could come to the next performance of the chamber orchestra, at least to see her..., she hasnít answered, yet. I donít know what going to happen wither if she agrees or not.

Out of the above, I tried to paint some more, itíll be almost done in a week, but without a camera, how am I going to scan it if itís too big for the scanner, Iíll se. Then I also wanted to draw some hands... and I suck! Besides I couldnít concentrate, I donít know... been very distracted. And Iíve been listening to classical music and some Cocteau Twins so much I almost forgot about black metal (the B&B one) and I still donít know many bands, and just heard a few albums. Maybe Iíll catch up with that later. By now Iíll keep practicing with the violin, or maybe find something to read, something that completely distracts me of the other thing, mmh... maybe I search for that Superstrings theory thingy I was reading the other time. I was also thinkig if I should get a web page or another image hosting, because Yahooís links are too large, but if I get a web page, Iíll need to learn more of html to make it nicer... I just want to have something to put my ugly art pictures. Aahh... wonder, wander...


2002-09-12 20:05:53 ET

I know that distracted feeling so well...

2002-09-12 20:15:37 ET

Oh, I get distracted by everything, mmh... SiS was talking once about dislexia, but I don't think that's what I have, it's more like just being too distracted by every single thing I notice.

2002-09-12 20:22:52 ET

pretty shiny things!!!

2002-09-12 20:26:07 ET

Oh where? where?
*gets distracted*
oh damn!

2002-09-12 20:36:14 ET


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