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2002-04-30 18:09:03 ET

Hey, just because I'm feeling a bit more Malkavian than Toreador I'm giving this short spanish lesson!:

Ok, supose you want to say "Fuck you" to someone but you don't want the other to understand you right now or you just want to demostrate to the other that you're a bit more cultured than he/she, so you want to say it in another lenguaje... here are some options in spanich:

To Fuck = Joder, chingar.
To say "Fuck you" = Jódete, chíngate, vete a la chingada, chinga to madre.
To say "Go to hell" = Vete al diablo, vete al infierno.
Shit = Mierda, caca.
Asshole = Pendejo.
Idiot = Idiota.
Imbecil = Imbécil.
Fagg, Fagget = Puto, Maricón, Joto.
Bitch, Slut = Puta, perra.
Fucked up = Jodido, chingado, hecho mierda.
MutherFucker, son of a Bitch = Hijo de Puta/Perra, cabrón.
Fucking (something) = Pinche (something)
Cocksucker = Mamón.
Dick = Verga, Pito.
Cunt = Panocha, vagina.
Cum = Meco, esperma.

Ha ha ha... well now you know a bit more of "culture", any questions or if I forgot something, reply here.

2002-04-30 18:53:26 ET


2002-04-30 19:13:25 ET

no questions or comments? seems everyone got an A+ on their spanish mean words!

2002-04-30 19:17:41 ET

i should probably quote one of those words to my spanish teacher.

2002-06-04 17:38:01 ET

doesn't pendejo mean stupid?

2002-06-05 07:06:44 ET

The same.

2002-06-24 19:04:18 ET

Why thank you! Mwahawhahaha! I knew most but I needed some help, as I didn't have a clue about joder.

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