I do enjoy the strings.
2002-09-15 10:44:10 ET

Yesterday I went to violin lessons, my teacher didnít show up due to she and other integrants of the band she is in went out of the city to play in another city with another band, so I had the main professor of the institute which wasnít bad either. Apparently they are in like some contest of bands for chamber music, so it was that it even a note was published on the newspaper and with a photo of them; this is nice because now I can show how does she look like:

Well, from them I only know my teacher and another very, very good friend, sheís playing the cello in the right of side of the picture. I now can say that I feel lucky for having a pleasant and fine teacher for my violin lessons, though as they are now in this contest thing I wonít be taught by her for this days, or whatever happens after at least I now can say I met someone who came out in the newspaper! I think I didnít mention her name before, ...oh well, her name is Susy:

Heh, isnít she adorable? Well I admit I really donít know her that much yet, but you can now say that she looks better in person than the draw I did. It just seems funny how sheís the only one with wrist bracelets.

On another side, on my classes I now played with other students for some rehearsal thing, it was at first about 4 violins, one cello and the piano, then other two girls joined, another cello and a viola; some dude (the older one I guess) and me got 2nd violins, two girls got 1st violins, a boy and a girl in cellos, a little girl in the viola and a little boy on the piano, I think the piano kid is the youngest, less than 9 years old I suppose, but believe me, the piano is almost the main thing on this, we would be practically fucked up without the piano, so... mostly with depend on the kid. Ok, and for ending this, due my damn vulnerability for beauty I ought to say that the little girl on the viola has and beautiful hair, is so smooth, itís lovely, its length is about to her shoulders which looks so cute for her, blah, ok, thatís it.

2002-09-15 14:50:45 ET

wow Susy is very pretty you have good taste.

2002-09-17 10:09:49 ET

Aww. .heh.

2002-09-17 20:22:18 ET

Pixie: Yes, she's pretty, I must admit a beauty anywhere I see it.
BloodyKisses: The same I said when I saw the picture.

2002-09-20 10:28:18 ET

Heh... Isn't violin just a great instrument to play ? I started when I was 8, played for 8 years, started again when I was 26, played for two years, didn't have time anymore then, played in a rock band for like a year...

Heh, and I still suck !

2002-09-20 20:08:58 ET

Cool! That's another Love-for-strings mania I like of a person!

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