New Artworks!
2002-09-21 20:27:35 ET

Finally I made possible to show my latest painting... my second painting... in my life! So I spent about a month or more on it, but I had been very lazy some days, others I did worked with effort on it. Ok, I know it didnít came out exactly as I wished because Iím more like of the detailed guy, I like doing complex and very detailed drawings... well, some... but this one didnít have much to put on it, I just wanted to transmit something with this painting:
I want to share this work with all people that love the sound of an electric guitar, not an acoustic guitar... I mean, this is for people that have certain passion for the sound of the guitar when it comes to Metal or something similar, itís also for showing people my very love for it too, either gothic rock, or black metal, to show how from many different sounds possible with guitars/basses now days anyone may fall in love of the music genre of their choice, and always being Ďsubculturedí of course! Donít mention me sissy shit bands that they think that using an electric guitar/bass is being badass, I mean, this is for the sub-culture we are, and due to we all love our music so hard I decided to call it:
Divine Music

You may see how it doesnít look very good the image and it was because as I said before it was bigger than the scanner, itís actual size is... thus I had to scan it by two parts and the paste them eachother so it could look like one piece... ugh that really sounds pathetic, but I donít have a camera to take a picture, and besides it misses like an inch on every side of the picture, but thatís not very important because you wonít miss much. I know someone might be wondering if I got the idea from somewhere else, and you know... how Iíve been parodying things lately, so, yes I parodied this from another original artwork from an old painter named Melozzo DaForli, you can see the original piece here. You can see it was something like... lets say... a Mona Lisa with a spiky necklace... uhm... are you thinking what I...? NAH... that would be too much!! Iím ok just with what Iíve done here now. Anyway, I hope you all guitar/bass lovers enjoy it.
A few samples on what I can say I got inspired to do this were: § § § § §

Fortunately I also was able to finish the other drawing I was talking about fro the violin thing, so if youíd like to watch it itís also in my galleries for now.
I know some may be confused about how I like metal and chamber music as well, itís even hard to myself to understand it, I could write a bunch about this but Iíll just say that it depends on the mood. I just love music, so that why I decided not to be out of it and learn to play a musical instrument, at first I wanted so much to learn elec guitar too, but some issues happened ...then many, many other issues happened too and I opted for violin, but I still love metal, so it proves my painting I guess. Well, for now I think I may rest bit of it and then keep practicing to be do it better...drawing too, of course... I was just some while ago trying to draw some stuff and I still need damn too much to practice.
Well it seems now I didnít have much space left to talk on what I did today, which wasnít really too much, so I guess Iíll keep it for later, maybe tomorrow something will come up.

2002-09-21 20:48:38 ET

you never cease to amaze me. those are great.

2002-09-21 21:22:01 ET

Thank you!

2002-09-22 06:17:37 ET

I love how your highlights came out in the painting, lovely. I'm amazed by the hands (hands seem to be the hardest part for me to draw and look decent)

Music is meant to fit the mood, who is to say you can only like one genre of music? An ecclectic taste is the best taste to have.

2002-09-23 09:44:33 ET

Yes, I've also said to others that many professional drawers have also said that the hands are the most difficult part of the bodie to draw, so yes, I still have problems with that unless I'm watching a static model.

2002-09-26 09:24:15 ET

Again it is a very lovely piece!! They get better evry time, can't wait to see what you do next. :)

2002-09-26 09:26:19 ET

I'll do TeRRoR's child face, heh heh... but sshh... it's a secret :P

2002-09-26 09:55:47 ET

oh ok, ssssshhhhhh...... ;)

2002-09-26 13:48:05 ET

Yes... I myself love metal... and classical music. You can do just want i can't do. Draw. The drawing class I'm taking now is making me get somewhat better.. which is good, but nothing compares to your work. You are such an amazing person, I don't see how you could ever be depressed.

2002-09-27 10:51:13 ET

I'm glad you're going well on your classes, learining something is what's important.
Depressed... uhm... well, lets say that's just the paradoxicaly misfortune of human being of wanting something you don't have...

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