Shadows of shadows
2002-05-03 18:39:06 ET

"Quite phylosophy yours" said my conscience a long time ago... to bad I had to kill him, it was making me more insane than I could resist... only to know that it is still hurting me, so it isn't dead yet.
Why do I think? to come, I know we think because of nature. I'm a materialist-origin phylosopher, I'd say, that is I do thing that matter created mind, not backwards, so I do think we think because of nature. But thinking about thinking? and yet, thinking again about it? this is insane.
If cuantum thaories are all right then "wrong" and "right" does not exist as prove being aware, so nothing shoulf woory while anything is true, only if I think that is it. Resuming thing cuantum thoughts... we are aware of what we can because we know it our way, the way we discovered things... and thoughts...
Art is essence... science is existence...
Both together, phylosophy, I'm insane.

2002-05-04 06:41:40 ET

your thinking is an attractive trait

but I go insane if I think to much. Sometimes I need to stop myself from thinking or else it makes me self destructive

2002-05-04 11:05:41 ET

magneto and spidey, best charactars ever!!

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