help me...
2002-05-05 15:31:59 ET

My hands are trembling. My stomach still aches. I need to see something dark, gothic, mean, and beautiful so I will awake up my mind...

Any suggestions of gothic galleries web pages?

2002-05-05 18:49:16 ET
good stuff

2002-05-05 21:49:32 ET

2002-05-06 05:34:08 ET a really good goth art site.

2002-05-06 15:07:40 ET

The is great!
The is greater!

Thanks, so many thanks "SiS"!

2002-05-06 15:12:26 ET

Welcome! anytime.

2002-05-06 18:03:54 ET

This is off subject, but your drawings are..good.

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