2002-10-05 19:34:08 ET

Today, Saturday, I went to my violin lessons, but the teacher who normally takes care of us, Susy, didn’t show up so we had this other teacher, a girl too, maybe a little older than Susy and was like a common girl, though she was mmh... pretty, but not in the way Susy is, she was just another mainstreamed one from many others out there, besides the way Susy teaches and corrects us is way much better, because when we start the rehearsal and she was ‘directing’ us... oh, damn I must say (if by chance for duty?) that she sucks, no, really she was just there constantly saying “well, well, we’re getting better, but uhm we need to practice more” and again we started but then she got distracted or just sat there and didn’t put attention to us until it finally was clear that we were going wrong. And another thing, this other guy who is also in the second violin like me is just telling everything like if he was the best of us or something, I mean, he starts playing in pauses when we’re resting a bit and he plays a part that is supposed to be fast but not SO much and he’s playing it very fast and going faster, I suppose he’s like practicing the part but, we the fuck does he have to do it faster? And also, he’s always talking in a way trying to be funny, you know, like trying to get along with everybody... but he hasn’t spoken to me really that much, heh, I guess because I’m from the few that just stays still until the director tell us what to do and not chatting too much... whatever.

So, as I was saying this girls wasn’t putting too much attention and when she did she wasn’t that good to be sincere; Susy was more serious, she did corrected us and made us stop every time we went wrong, but this other one didn’t; but then, like 15 minutes before ending the rehearsal, this other guy came, called Daniel, who was another instructor and an integrant of the same group Susy and this girl are, and he also has been in contests and national bands or something, I mean he is like one very good violin player from there, and he told her if she wanted to rest a bit meanwhile he directed us... oh man, he just put everything in order! He’s damn good as hell! He not just plays the violin very well, but I think he also has studied music theory, direction, and stuff, so he was very serious when directed and very firm to the movements and indications, I mean, he fixed up the thing very well, we did start to play better. Man, and I he’s still a teenager, I’m not sure of his age, I’ve heard he’s like 15 or so. Very well, I just hope now that for the next Saturday this guy, Daniel, or Susy is with us. Not that I despise this other girl,’s just that these other guys are better.

2002-10-10 17:20:06 ET

That sounds extremely cool. I can relate as well. Having a competent instructor is very helpful.

2002-10-16 12:11:04 ET

Yep, it did help a lot, because he moved his arms to us when certain insrument should have been played, for example, first Viloins I, then Cellos, then Violins II. That Helped a lot.

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