Angel's gown
2002-05-09 02:01:18 ET

I've posted a new draw in the "Recent works" gallery called Pokey1445, because it's her, a user here at subkultures. I'd like to thanks to SiS because of telling my some links with gothic galleries, now I'll start drawing some gothic girls again, and I found a picture about a gothic girl in a cemetery, so I'll have at least a week busy drawing her, but I like it.

I don't have much to say right now because some other person is hurrying me up for leting him use the computer... fuck him... well, maybe I'll write something mean tonight, when the shadows embrace me like a gown.

2002-05-09 02:19:57 ET

hehe you're a good drawer, throw some dirty diapers on the other person that want's the computer!

2002-05-09 17:34:47 ET

he he he...

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