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2002-10-12 22:10:33 ET

Warning: Another boring long entry below.

1. So this week I started listening again to some metal songs and bands... I tell it this way because lately I had been listening to only classical music and maybe some soundtracks, that I forgot that I also love metal; I mean, I love classical as well, I enjoy practicing the violin but I still and will still liking metal, so I downloaded some songs from some bands, that sounded good to me, like Otep (for the heavy stuff) and Tristania (for the darkish stuff), besides I played on my CD player the CD of Opera IX again, which is damn good as hell, really it’s been like 10 months now since I first listened to it and I love it so much, that is really one good example of metal, the whole album the Black Opera in spite that it only has 7 tracks is one of my very favorites now, because it’s not for anyone that is used to the common songs of verse/chorus/verse/chorus, etc, no man, this one all their tracks are an average of 7 minutes each and they all sound very good, every single song is really good and always have the main metal sound, besides maybe what is the most remarkable of it is that the last track is a cover of one very known song, “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”, yes, that song, very well known for many from the legendary gothic band Bauhaus, is also played in that album... but with a very metal sound on it, so if anyone have heard the original this one may sound nice too, just in a metal version. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I returned listening metal again because I was losing the path of it and now I need to seek for more music.

2. This Friday I went to another opera, it was called “Marina”. It was very wonderful too. This has been now my second opera I assist to, and of course I remembered of the time I went to the first one some months ago in which I saw that gothic girl I was like following just to see her... sighs here, O how it remembered to me that moment... but, I think that issue is dead now because after sending some few emails to her asking if I could ser her someday she hasn’t answered and it has passed too long, so maybe that issue is over, I'm not sure... anyway, back to the opera; This one was a bit shorter than the first one and this one was in Spanish but I couldn’t understand all of it because you know how the singers sing in some loud tones that it’s hard to recognize a word sometimes, but the plot was easy, it was about some lady who was in love of a captain of a ship that had been like friends to her since kids, but another guy was also in love of her, and wanted to marry and stuff; at the end the captain and the lady did get together though. The funny is how when it was over most of the crowd applauded too much for one actor that made the play of a drunk guy who was part of the act, but anyhow everyone were very good and I enjoyed. Now the next Sunday there will be two thing I’d like to assist; first at morning, a string quartet playing several melodies of chamber music, then at night there will be a classical concert from another symphony (different from the one I’ve been assisting to) that apparently comes from Vienna from the “House of Mozart” of something like that, due to many cultural events that will be going on these days, I hope I can go to see those, it will be very exiting.

3. I remember that about 2 months ago I was in a bus and when I look through the window there was this very crazy dude running in the street in the middle of all the traffic. It was very funny, he looked like a homeless person jogging just like that with the flow of all cars besides him, he really seemed to be mental ill because he was acting very strange, even the police came over to see what was that about but then the guy ended up by taking the sidewalk or just taking another way, all the people was looking at it very amused, it was funny though. Anyway, the night I was coming out from the opera I saw that guy again. Jogging through the street again, all dirty and crazy, it was like... wow!

4. So, this Saturday I went again to my violin classes and there wasn’t our teacher Susy again... too bad, but instead we had again this other girl taking care of us, which was bad though, because this other girl is very friendly I think, I mean, she is very encouraging sometimes. When I finished doing one exercise and I played to her so she could tell me how I was going, she told me “very good!”, can you believe it? No one had told me that... like that! The other teachers, even Susy had told me something like “very well”, “ok, nice”, “fine, you may pass to the next exercise”, but this one told it to me like that smiley and joy pronunciation... like if I was some kid doing something that an adult told me to do... “oh, very good!”, I have to admit it felt nice, besides as I was saying in a previous journal entry she is very pretty too, I think her eyes and cheeks make a very nice combination, and what I amused me this time was that she was dressing very sporty and had a ponytail which looked also nice... well, well, I’m talking about aesthetic again, so don’t get me wrong, she might not be very good ‘directing’ the rehearsals with us, but she was somehow very encouraging while taking the lessons, anyhow, she told me that probably next Saturday the other teacher would be coming back again, that they were out because they were playing in other cities for some events, so this means that hopefully we’ll get to have Susy back next week, that’s nice. Oh!, One other thing, at the institute of the classes there I saw this teenage girl, apparently taking guitar lessons, that took my attention how she had many wrist bracelets on both hands, she didn’t seem to be any ‘subcultural’ thing, she was wearing like a light orange t-shirt but also some baggy and torn pants and tennis shoes, which looked cute to me... but the thing I was looking the most was how in her left hand, besides the bracelets, she had like some black threads crossing through her fingers and down to her wrist to mix it with the other bracelets, in a way that looked cool, I don’t know how to explain it, it was very ‘attractive’ to me, I kind of reminded me one of those gauntlets (fingerless gloves) that some gothic girls like to wear, but this was different it was only threads.

5. Well, I don’t know exactly why but lately I’ve been feeling really depressed at nights. Been feeling too down. I’ve been trying to do some drawings and some sketches, and all of them go very wrong! I just feel like nothing I do is good either for me or for anyone, I really don’t find many thing that make feel encouraged... and it’s not like all the day, it mainly happens me at nights, I wished how I could just go to sleep and don’t wake up again.... just thinking and thinking, really, who cares for me? I’ve been thinking, I think not much will change for drastically if I were gone, I mean, I can’t recall if there’s anyone who depends on me or that truly wants me for something... all that, or even yet, feeling lonely surrounded by people is so different to me, ugh, I don’t know, I just have been feeling to lame this week... this weak.

2002-10-12 22:21:01 ET

Welcome back to the metal world :)

and about the last part... I've been having the same issue I think. Just read my last post

2002-10-12 22:29:19 ET

Yeh, I will try to keep looking into more metal, I don't want to get lost about it.

2002-10-18 13:58:32 ET

Metal is awesome. You write alot lol. Sorry i haven't talked to you lately but i figured i would check up on ya

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