Light... ugly sunlight
2002-05-10 09:26:50 ET

Sunlight... I don't like it. Go away sun! Clouds, come over here! help me clouds!
Sunlight makes me feel diferent. Like... i don't know, it definitely doesn't allow me to concentrate as much as does the Night.
Night is beauty and horror the same time; it's art, it's something always' been wondered human kind.
Clouds, roses, ...I'm thirsty, I need a Coke.

Which is your favorite soda?

2002-05-10 10:44:04 ET

jolt cola!

2002-05-10 19:34:12 ET

Yep, a name for my new shop.
I named the kitty Cero. A really close friend of mine writes Cero, so the kitty got named after him.
Cheesy I know.

2002-05-11 05:44:07 ET

i don't drink carbonated beverages but my favorite drink would have to be: dole strawberry kiwi.

2002-05-11 19:37:53 ET


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