2002-10-18 19:35:57 ET

On Monday the stereo of my father’s car was stolen. The interesting thing was that he works as a professor in a college and he always parks his car just right behind the small building (which is a like a high voltage laboratory) where he teaches and also has his office; so, apparently just some while when he was giving classes was when it happened, because when he finished his class he returned to his car and the window’s glass was broken, almost ripped all apart from the window, and the stereo wasn’t there anymore; the thing here is, can you believe it? in his own building, inside of an institute college! Even worst (or funny) the big irony of it, which was that apparently since that very day the institute started to put security officers due to there wasn’t very confidence in all the city for security stuff! Just the very first day when they decided to have more security officers is when 2 crimes happened (another professor had some other issue too). Then this Wednesday someone stole the lamp of the garage of the house! Apparently when one of us was upstairs someone just approached and take the lamp!
My advice is... watch out for your pajamas!

2002-10-20 09:36:17 ET

i like pajamas... my mom always complains that it looks like im wearing my pajamas cuz i wear big ol' jncos and my comfy hoodie with my lucky paper clips on it...

2002-10-22 08:10:57 ET

Hahaha, that's cute I'd like to see it.

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